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    • Do you have a hard time comprehending the crypto world? Don't be concerned. We're going to make things as simple as possible, so stick with us and learn everything there is to know about smart contracts. So, let's get started: What is a Smart Contract?   A smart contract is a piece of code that performs an action if another event occurs. This method has given it the moniker "if this, then that." One may argue that smart contracts were the brainchild of Nick Szabo, who originated the phrase in the early 1990s, long before blockchain technology existed. "A collection of promises, stated in digital form, including procedures within which the parties act on these promises," he said at the time.   How and where can write them? They're usually created using the Ethereum network and the Solidity programming language.   Smart Contracts are Immutable They are unable to change. When they are activated, they are designed to perform something ("if this, then that"). Because smart contracts are coded on the blockchain, they, like the blockchain, cannot be modified, even if the code has a fault or inefficiency. They can, however, be "replaced" by a new contract, which must state that the previous version is not to be used.   Smart Contracts are Distributed This indicates that there are no inconsistencies. Smart contracts are online agreements that may be performed automatically if specific circumstances are satisfied. They're made to prevent human mistake and problems. Because the code is shared over a worldwide network of computers, everyone can see the terms that were agreed upon.   So, how do they work? Let's look at some instances of how smart contracts may be used. The conditions under which a smart contract settles can be limitless when writing one. They can include, but are not limited to, the following examples: • “I will give you 10 ETH (Ethereum)” and in turn “You will give me 30000 ADA (Cardano)” • “A certain number of tokens will be wired to an account if you reach a certain verifiable goal within or without a timeframe (ex: getting people to sign up for something)” • “If X happens, you will receive Y” • “If a predetermined address reaches a certain point (such as, for example, 100 ETH), every donator will receive a portion of something, such as, an NFT” Here are more concrete examples of its applications:   Token Switching Smart contracts allow users to form money pools using pairs of tokens, allowing them to swap one token for another. As the volume of one increase, the price of the other rises in order to maintain a constant value in the pool. This is especially useful for day traders and investors who want to buy in a currency that isn't currently available on their favorite exchange.   Flash Loans What if we told you that you could get a one-million-dollar loan with no money down? You can if you construct a smart contract that pays it back in the same minute or transaction block, and/or if you overcollateralize it. There are no other conditions. And we understand if you're asking why someone would take out a million-dollar loan on the spur of the moment. The answer is straightforward: conjecture. You may buy a coin on one platform and sell it on another for a greater price, then return the money and pocket the profit. The smart contract may even check itself by simulating what you've programmed and telling you whether or not what you've coded is actually achievable and the money will be returned to the lender. This practice would be difficult to carry out in traditional finance, but blockchain technology has made it not only conceivable, but also commonplace.   Wrapping up! Smart contracts are the way of the future, and we strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with them because their acceptance and use are already underway. Being proactive with smart contracts might be a great way to go, since you'll be well-versed when they become more widely used. Keep an eye out for them and prepare yourself, since it's only a matter of time until they take over.   by: Jerich D. Maasin TPG-CA
    • Ya / Ok sama bang pilihannya gak ada kata tidak... Tahap awal dipaksa dulu suka gak suka belakangan🤭🤣🤣 Kebijakan sama Aturan mirip tapi tak sama 🤭🏃👍🏼
    • Lakukan saja dulu ,nikmati orang lain yang kita harapkan menghargai  Niat baik kita sudah cukup kritik boleh lah setidak nya ada Gitu kura kura bang menurut saya🤭🤣
    • Initially I was introduced to TPG from social media. After knowing like this I understand. It is a leading and reliable online platform that connects businesses and consumers in the Pi ecosystem (Piorg, Pitalk, Expresspi) It is involved in creating, primarily, and maintaining business listings, Design, advertising, Services and marketing support for Medium and Small Businesses as well of course with Pitalk's media promotions creating multi effects later. I tried the first transaction trial, I ordered an e-book, no matter the physical, it was important to know the contents of the e-book. Greetings from me Charles
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