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Pi is “People’s Initiative”

PI - “People’s Initiative” Movement. Where the value and success depend solely on people's initiative to support the project.  Pi is a “people’s initiative” working together to achieve a common goal. “People’s Initiative” is a socially-oriented cryptocurrency project that is meant to give billions of people across the world their fair share of the global economy.  Pi is a People’s Initiative to bring hope and prosperity to everyday people. Pi is everyday people working together to brin

Mainnet Preparation

Mainnet Preparation To prepare the community for the Mainnet migration, we are releasing some mobile-app features related to Mainnet now, which gives time for the community to understand, ask questions and preselect settings before the Mainnet launch. One feature is displaying the breakdown of a Pioneer’s balance (e.g. balance mined by themselves), transferable balance to Mainnet and balance attributable to their team members. In addition, we’re also releasing another important feature that


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Lockups help

How Lockups work After you pass identity verification (KYC), you can voluntarily lock up a portion of your Transferable Balance to earn a right to mine at a higher rate. The mining boost is calculated based on the amount of locked up π and lockup duration. For details, read the economic model section below. If you have verified your identity (KYC), the first Mainnet transfer will occur upon Mainnet launch. Thereafter, transfers will occur periodically. Any updates made to your loc


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The idea and vision behind the development of Pi Network

Hello fellow Pioneers! I just want to share with you my brief interview with Vince McPhillip, one of the founders of the Pi Network. At the time I was still trying to fully grasp the idea behind the Pi Network project. In the early days of the Pi Network, I had the rare chance to talk to Vince when I submitted my project proposal to start the Pi Social Project with the goal to advance the agenda of Pi Network. The Pi Social Project was aimed at bringing the Pi Network to the heart of e


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