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This blog intend to provide information on cryptocurrency, blockchain, decentralized ledger technology and related topics to enriched our mind on this new financial technology. Bitcoin, other altcoins and tokens, as well as matters pertaining to their respective ecosystems.  Discussion of prospects and potentials of existing and new emerging promising projects including some innovative and novel concepts and business models.

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Crypto Market Crashed - Insights

The past week is very bloody in the crypto market environment.  Almost everything is on the red. Whatever are the reasons for such catastrophic fall, what is being prominently highlighted during this period is the plummet of Terra LUNA price posting over 99% dropped. From a price of over $ 80 on May 2, 2022 to very much less than a dollar -  $0.0002153 today, May 16, 2022. Everything started when TerraUSD (UST), a stablecoin whose value was intended to be linked to the dollar, lost i

NFTs Coming To Instagram and Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that NFTs are definitely coming to Facebook and Instagram. Reports claim internal testing will start this week. The test is focus on ways for users to display non-fungible tokens on their profiles.   The integration includes augmented reality on Instagram stories. Engineers at Meta (Facebook) will start testing non fungible token (NFT) features for Instagram and Facebook. As Kris Holt reported in yahoo.com – “Instagram head Adam Mosseri shed more


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Why Invest in Cryptocurrency

When somebody asked what are the good investments, other than the traditional investment items like stocks, mutual fund, real properties, jewelries and direct business, cryptocurrency has been the latest addition usually considered. Aside from the traditional concept of diversifying investment to spread risk exposure, cryptocurrency can be considered one good investment for the following reasons: Nascent Financial Technology Being a new financial technology, cryptocurrency has a

Hashgraph Innovation Program Launched to Accelerate Adoption of the Hedera Network

Hedera Hashgraph has forged strategic partnership with Swiss Digital Assets Institute (SDAI), a professional training and education company, for the implementation of a global “Hashgraph Innovation Program.” As reported in investing.com, Hedera has allocated US $16.3M worth of HBAR in grant funding to the newly established, non-profit Swiss Hashgraph Association for the ramp-up phase of their Hashgraph Innovation Program, to be delivered by SDAI. This training and innovation program is aimed at

Goldman Sachs Made First Bitcoin Backed Loan As Wall Street Embraces Crypto

In past years, it has been known that there are so many players in Wall Street that are very vocal against cryptocurrency. The past months until today, winds have change a lot as some financial institutions and listed companies have been increasing exposures in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Among these are Goldman Sachs that have increased their crypto trading activity, and BlackRock Inc. that is investing in the stablecoin company Circle. In addition to its $400 million inves

Mobile Payment App Strike Facilitates Thousands of Retailers to Accept Bitcoin Payment

Strike, a well-established mobile payment app allows users to send money across borders cheaper than the usual wire transactions using bitcoin. Lately, Strike CEO Jack Mallers announced that thousands of retailers and commerical establishments including Walmarts, McDonald’s and Macy’s will now accept Bitcoin payments via Lightning Network, as reported in investing .com. At this year’s Miami Bitcoin Conference, Mallers said that the reason behind the BTC integration was to avoid banks. Norma

DLT – Looking Beyond Cryptocurrency

Usually when people talk about blockchain, it is directly connected with bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Blockchain is the pioneering technology that was used to create bitcoin (BTC). And other cryptocurrency commonly called altcoins that follows such as ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), etc. As the interest on cryptocurrency and blockchain applications grows, the technology has continue to evolve. Today the generic term, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is used as there are other types

Cryptocurrency as Tax Payment

While some government imposed ban on cryptocurrencies, there are few who are now moving towards adoption by accepting these new digital assets as payment for taxes. In the United States early this month, the Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, announced that the state will accept tax payments in cryptocurrency.  As reported in techbullion.com  by Ian Kane, Colorado is the first US state to accept tax payments in cryptocurrency. Most likely Florida will follow with its governor disclosin

Newly Elected President Set to Turn South Korea Into a Crypto Hub

The incoming president of South Korea - Yoon Suk-yeol – is set to make South Korea into a Crypto Hub.  During his campaign, he wooed cryptocurrency enthusiasts throughout the country with his plan to increase the minimum threshold for capital gain tax payment on profits from digital asset investments. The newly elected president, who is a former prosecutor, also promised to allow initial coin offerings (ICO) and offers tax exemption on crypto trading profits of less than $40,000.  The prese

Bitcoin Depot Deployed 7,000 Bitcoin ATM

As reported by Greg Lindenberg in  cspdailynews.com, Bitcoin Depot has deployed its 7,000th Bitcoin ATM in the United States and Canada. “It’s no doubt the crypto market has captured mainstream interest, and the demand from consumers and retail industry giants continues to grow,” said Brandon Mintz, president and CEO of Bitcoin Depot. “This gives us a greater opportunity to expose Bitcoin Depot ATMs to individuals seeking convenient access to alternative financial services and cryptocurrenc

Ukraine-Russian Conflict: What’s in it for Cryptocurrency

As I made a google search on the subject, I came across a number of materials. One encouraging is on Yahoo News reporting that a Save the Children spokesperson said that millions of dollars in the form of cryptocurrency have been donated for humanitarian aid.  Another article in nasdaq.com reported that “the crypto community has so far donated over $22 million in crypto to support the Ukrainian government.” While Bitcoin price have dropped to below $35,000 when Russian forces entered U

Cryptocurrency Adoption Accelerated

Over the years, amidst various regulatory actions and policy concerns confronting this new financial technology, the increasing value of cryptocurrency have generated interest and attracted people to this virtual asset.  This is despite the high volatility along with unpredictable slump and price swings of this digital money. Not to mention the skepticism and all the unfavorable issues thrown against Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies in general. If ownership could be the basis for cryptocurr

Cryptocurrency-Based Universal Basic Income

As defined by wikipedia.org, “Universal basic income (UBI) is a sociopolitical financial transfer policy proposal in which all citizens of a given population regularly receive a legally stipulated and equal financial grant paid by the government without a means test.  A basic income can be implemented nationally, regionally, or locally. If the level is sufficient to meet a person's basic needs, it is sometimes called a full basic income; if it is less than that amount, it may be called a partial

Less Than A Dollar Cryptocurrencies, Promising DLT Projects

For crypto newbies with money to invest, it’s quite a challenge selecting from among numerous list of cryptocurrencies in the open market. There are over ten thousands listed in various exchanges, and more still on  development stages.  Among these are numerous good promising cryptocurrencies in their respective ecosystems. If I have the money and a lot more longer investment timeline,  I would be willing to put ample amount in a number of 3rd generation altcoins and distributed ledger tech


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Free Cryptocurrency, What’s the Catch?

Up to the time this article is written, coinmarketcap.com listed a total of 9,344 cryptocurrencies. While the latest figures of statista.com is placed at 10,397. The actual figures could be more higher when all cryptocurrencies including those not considered yet on these particular websites will be counted. It is expected that these figures will continue to increase in the coming years as more projects are created, fully developed and officially launched. Considering that blockchain coders


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What Can We Learn in the Wormwhole Hack

Timothy Craig of Cryptobriefing.com in an email newsletter reported – “Wormhole, a token bridge connecting Ethereum-compatible networks to Solana, suffered one of the biggest exploits in recent history. An attacker was able to steal a whopping 120,000 ETH from the bridge.” Wormhole developers have attempted to contact the attacker via a blockchain message according to a report by Mike Dalton also in cryptobriefing.com. The team members extended a “white hat agreement” and offered the attack


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Pi’s Potential Impact in the Cryptoverse

Pi Network’s mission statement is to “Build a cryptocurrency and smart contracts platform secured and operated by everyday people.”  The future scenario is that Pi will be the most widely used cryptocurrency that will fuel the “the world’s most inclusive peer-to-peer marketplace.” Almost three years have passed, Pi cryptocurrency is still a “work-in-progress.” It is not yet in the Pi app user’s wallet until this time of writing, nor it can be withdrawn and used to buy goods and services ava


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Will Cryptocurrency Replace Fiat Money?

I am cryptocurrency enthusiast.  Practically a believer on the advantages and benefits of cryptocurrency. However, personally I do not believe cryptocurrency can “totally” replace fiat money. For the basic reason that for this to happen, governments of this world need a major shift from the existing financial system. Say from a centralized to a decentralized one. This is despite the recent El Salvador national government’s Bitcoin initiative. Just like the internet that offers wide r


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