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About this blog

What happened to Friendster? ...to Nokia and Blackberry? ...to floppy disks and cds? And maybe someday we will also ask ourselves what happened to Bitcoin (BTC)?

Technological advancements happen! Reality is technology comes and goes. Sometimes they stay and evolve, other times they become obsolete.

The landscape of cryptocurrency is fast changing. Cryptocurrencies are evolving to address the weaknesses of their predecessors. As we continue with advancement, new players are joining the race and one of them is Pi.

Standing on the shoulders of giants is Pi, the new kid in town and a potential dark horse.

A community-based project with a very responsible core team, Pi has potential for greatness. Bringing surprises to the table, it has many improvements to offer. Adaptability, efficiency and speed to name a few. 

Haste is waste as they say, Pi takes a different course. Every inch of development, the community is consulted and every feedback is taken into consideration. May it respond quickly or not, rest assured everything is considered by the core team according to its contingency.

A currency for the people (sounds familiar?) is now in its birthing phase. This is one of its greatest strengths, though there is a core team who oversee the development of the project, pi is built for everyone and everyone can contribute and be part of its development.

We learn from experience that we overthink simple matters and overcomplicate things in the process and in the end we realize that all we need is to have faith in our fate. For now Pi is just a great maybe or whatnot whose destiny is just waiting to be shaped by us (the pioneers). Now the question is: Do you have faith in it, or you’re just another shadow on the sideline waiting for its fate to happen?

Faith and fate will play their cards but I always believe that the future will be shaped by the present doers!

-Jake 1982

Entries in this blog

Trinity Project Group: 2022 and Beyond

TPG has been in existence for four months. It all started with the Pi Network Hackathon, while some of its offshoots were founded much before. TPG did not come out on top in the hackathon, but that was just the start. TPG did not participate in the hackathon solely to win a prize, but rather as a first step toward a larger aim.   “TPG did not participate in the hackathon solely to win a prize, but rather as a first step toward a larger aim..”   Its founders, Mike Sta Ana, Lou


gary in Opinion

Mainnet is Here!!!

What can you expect from the mainnet? The mainnet is split into two parts. Firewalled Mainnet and Open Mainnet. Firewalled Mainnet (enclosed network) has limited functionality. There are no exchanges or other blockchains connected to the Firewalled Mainnet yet. In this type or kind of Mainnet, ONLY P2P TRANSACTION IS ALLOWED. Example, if a Pioneer wants to buy a pair of shoes from other Pioneer, that is allowed. However, EXCHANGE OF PI TO FIAT OR OTHER CRYPTOCURRENCY IS PROHIBITED. There i


gary in Opinion

Building the Pi Network Value

Building the Pi Network Value: Pi Network is known to be the cryptocurrency for everyday people. Marketed through a free distribution through mobile mining. After more than 2 years of development, launching in the Main Network is coming within a few weeks or days from now. Many Pioneers are hopeful that the value of Pi will be high. Some Pioneers even created a consensus value of 100 USD, 300 USD and so on.  The truth is, the value of Pi is difficult to predict. It could start at low a


gary in Opinion

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