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Chapter 2-Checking

Hendri Rahmat



Hello Pioneers and Noders,

In this episode, I will discuss the checking steps (Part 2). This checking step is actually a continuation of the previous step, namely preparation, and this step is still closely related to the previous step.

This check will be divided into several steps, namely:

1.     Check Virtualization in Windows 10

There are 2 ways to check for virtualization support, on the hardware on your computer or laptop. Here's how:

a.     Checking via software

To check through the software program, you can use LeeMoon CPU-V. When run, this program will detect whether your hardware device supports virtualization or not.


b.     Checking Via Command Prompt (CMD)

To check via cmd, you can open CMD, then type the command line systeminfo.exe, and enter. Next, scroll down. Virtualization support will be displayed, as in the image below:


You must ensure that your computer supports virtualization, otherwise you cannot proceed to install node, because this virtualization system is important to support the running of Docker later.

After confirming our hardware devices, in this case the processor supports virtualization. Now we enable this technology feature in the BIOS (Basic Input Output System):

Because to enter the BIOS, it can be different, depending on the motherboard, and the system BIOS used, on a computer or laptop. For that, here as an example, I entered the BIOS using the ASUS motherboard.

Restart the PC, then press F2 or Del on the keyboard.

In ASUS UEFI BIOS, enter the Advanced Mode menu, then select the Advanced menu > CPU Configuration > select Intel Virtualization Technology, select Enable to activate it.

More details, you can see in the image below:




After that, you save the settings, then restart again.

Oh btw, to see whether virtualization technology is active or not, you can also check it through the Task Manager in Windows 10. Especially in the Performance > CPU section.



2.     Check the Windows OS version specifications

Because I use windows 10 pro, so this time I will give the easiest thing to check the windows version. All you have to do is use the Windows + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run dialog box. In the Run dialog box that appears, type “winver” and then click the OK button. In the About Windows window that appears, you can see the version number and build number.

Check and make sure that windows has version 20H2, 21H1 or 21H2. If windows does not have this version then update your windows.



Click window + R on the keyboard


Type winver and click OK


Make sure that the windows 10 version is 20H2, 21H1 or 21H2


Now I think you are ready and checked all the necessary things to do before you install the PI Node.

Next in the Chapter 3, I will start for the Node installation. If you guys have questions, we can share them here.




Pioneer ID: @Hendri2808

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Noder itu apa ya , maklumlah orang awam yang tidak mengenal apa itu noder tolong di jelaskn dgn mendetail biar faham

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On 1/20/2022 at 11:03 AM, Guzelasri said:

Noder itu apa ya , maklumlah orang awam yang tidak mengenal apa itu noder tolong di jelaskn dgn mendetail biar faham

Noder adalah Pioneers yang memilih peran berkontribusi lewat Node,

Node adalah peran keempat dalam Pi Ecosystem yang berjalan di laptop atau desktop, bukan di ponsel.

Mirip dengan blockchain lainnya, Pi Nodes akan bertanggung jawab untuk memvalidasi distribusi transaksi pada buku besar (Silahkan buka menu Blockchain.pi pada Pi browser), peran node juga resolving and maintaining currency yang terdistribusi dengan meminta semua node mencapai “konsensus” berdasarkan urutan transaksi yang baru dicatat..untuk info lebih lengkap silahkan baca link di bawah ini :


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Semoga aja ada yg jual PC atau laptop setelah lolos kyc dan bisa belanja di mainet tertutup

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