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Hedera Hashgraph has forged strategic partnership with Swiss Digital Assets Institute (SDAI), a professional training and education company, for the implementation of a global “Hashgraph Innovation Program.” As reported in investing.com, Hedera has allocated US $16.3M worth of HBAR in grant funding to the newly established, non-profit Swiss Hashgraph Association for the ramp-up phase of their Hashgraph Innovation Program, to be delivered by SDAI. This training and innovation program is aimed at empowering innovative startups, enterprises, and government institutions around the world to design and develop enterprise-grade solutions and decentralized applications on the Hedera network.

The Hedera network is owned and governed by the members of the Hedera Council, a group of industrial entities and world’s leading organizations responsible for governing the network, operating nodes, and allocates HBARs distribution.


Last year, the Council approved the allocation of 10.7 billion HBARs (20% of total supply), worth $5 billion at the time, for the development of the Hedera ecosystem.

Brett McDowell, Chair of the Hedera Governing Council, is quoted in the report saying - "As we enter the next phase of decentralization and growth of the Hedera network, the Governing Council continues to look for partner organizations that can help accelerate the adoption of our best-in-class public ledger globally. We recognize that Europe and The Middle East are important markets for innovative and disruptive DLT solutions. The founders of SDAI have experience bringing DLT innovation to those markets through a combination of education and incubation that leverages their network of influential partners across the region. We're delighted that SDAI chose to establish the Swiss Hashgraph Association as a major initiative to promote the adoption of Hedera-enabled solutions, starting with EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and expanding globally from there."

Kamal Youssefi, President of the Swiss Hashgraph Association, explained the organization’s purpose: "We founded the Swiss Hashgraph Association to proactively empower the community, promote the growth of Hedera ecosystem projects and confirm our commitment towards enabling the build-up of a vibrant ecosystem for DLT transformations around the globe.”

Hedera Hashgraph HBAR token was priced at $0.1658 as of April 29,2022 and ranked number 35 in coinmarketcap.com listing.


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Guest BJ Bell


Every move that the Hedera team has made brings us one step closer to fulfilling the goal of being the DLT of choice for the entire World.

No other DLT has the "total package" that Hedera does.

World Class Team
World Class Community
World Class Technology
World Class Governing Council

I've invested a lot of my future in Hedera, and I never blinked when, as an accredited investor, my $.12 and $.096 SAFT purchases went below $.01 -- so I'm certainly not going to blink now when I'm seeing what is being built and knowing that I don't have a clue as to the possibilities of this technology -- it's like Apple in 1999.

Fast, Fair, Secure, Efficient, Compliant, and Governed with a super team and community -- Hedera truly is the future of DLT.


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