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More Arms Shipment to Ukraine, Intensifying Sanction Against Russia - Steps Closer To WW3




In an article by Jesse Jackson in Chicago Sun Times entitled “What’s needed now is a push for peace,” this is the opening lines - “If the war can be stopped, new efforts will be needed to ensure that Europe seeks security not in a new arms race, but in a new effort to build the structures of peace.”

Of course the war can be stopped.  Depending on the parties involved, along with the decisions they will make to push for peace. Peace being the primary goal, not asserting their agenda and preference whatever they are.

But then how will “a new effort to build a new structure for  peace” materializes when countries that is supposed to initiate such, continue to bring in more arms and military weapons to the war ravaged Ukraine.  How does war can be stopped when Russia has been buried with economic sanctions, as their military continue marching to conquer Ukrainian territories.

Does leaders of countries imposing the sanctions and supplying more armaments to Ukraine think that what they are doing now were not being considered ahead by the Russian president before they invaded Ukraine? It does not require an experienced diplomat and military analyst’s mind to realize that what President Putin had been doing could be a calculated move right at the very start factoring in possible reactions and various scenarios.

Now that the United States and other European countries continue to deliver more weapons and military equipment to Ukraine while imposing economic sanctions, instead of intensifying initiatives towards a “push for peace,” will this facilitate resolution of conflict, or will it just aggravate the condition making it more worst that may spiral into the mostly feared World War 3?

This could be what is in the mind of those thinkers and artist calling Germany to stop sending weapons to Ukraine. Dozens of German cultural figures have told Chancellor Olaf Scholz, in an open letter requesting him to stop sending arms to Ukraine.

In a published item in RT News on April 29, 2022 the said letter as quoted pointed out that: “A risk of Russia’s military action in Ukraine escalating into a “nuclear conflict” should be avoided at all costs.”

“They expressed their hope that Scholz would “remember [his] initial position” and would “not supply any more heavy weapons to Ukraine, either directly or indirectly.” Instead, Berlin should “do everything” to help the sides reach a ceasefire “as soon as possible” and to find a “compromise that both sides can accept.”

“Delivery of large quantities of heavy weapons… could make Germany itself a party to war. A Russian counter-attack could then trigger a response under the NATO Treaty and [result] in an immediate danger of a world war,” the letter warns.

“Last week, another open letter calling on Berlin to cease its arms supplies to Kiev was signed by a group of German politicians and public figures, who also warned Scholz about the risks of Germany and other NATO nations becoming parties to the conflict and risking “another big war.” Unfortunately, it was reported that German government has, so far, not reacted to any of the letters.” This is how apprehensive some quarters of the German population is, on the precarious situation that they are in.

The sanctions imposed against Russia by the United States and other countries, that adversely affected the financial system, money flow and economic activities among others, will not bring peace. According to Sergey Aleksashenko, former Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia in his Al Jazerra column, “the most powerful blow to the Russian financial system is the imposition of sanctions on the Central Bank of Russia (CBR), which plays a crucial role in the domestic foreign exchange market.”

To date, Russia is retaliating such moves by requiring a number of European countries buying fuels and gas to pay them in Russian rubles instead of dollars and euro, based on previous trade agreements which a number of countries refuse to do, leading to the cutting off of distribution pipelines to their end. Consequently the Russia-Ukraine war has been driving global fuel prices much higher months after the military conflict started.

Expecting President Vladimir Putin and the Russian people to bend their knees because of economic sufferings resulting from the sanctions could be the last thing the US and other NATO member countries should expect to happen. It’s either Russia will just continue doing the on-going protracted ground war against Ukraine, or use their “state of art” nuclear arms when pushed further in a corner, in the hope to end their people’s sufferings as retaliation to countries imposing the sanctions.

Let us be reminded that in times of crisis, the moral boundary of principles and pride became blurred that may cause leaders to make extra-ordinary decisions that can spell victory and tragedy among conflicting countries and parties.

The only hope now is for peace talks to succeed, if ever there will still be, and that a ceasefire to eventually happen soon. Or, we can brace ourselves for more economic shocks, and dangerous moments ahead.


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Tôi thấy đã đến lúc Nato + mỹ + các nước yeu chuộng tự do nên tăng cường cao nhất các lệnh trừng phạt Nga quyết liệt và tăng cường viện trợ vũ khí cho UK , chỉ có thế mới mong được yên bình trên toàn thế giới 

UK đã tan hoang gần như toàn bộ hạ tầng  gioa thông , dân cư rất cần nhanh chóng đẻ tái thiết lại uk

Tinh thần tự do và không chịu khuất phục , bảo vệ bờ cõi biên cương toàn vẹn lãnh thổ của dân tộc UK là hoàn toàn chính đáng , âm ỉ hun đúc từ nhiều năm tháng , từ nhiều thế hệ chúng ta phải ủng hộ họ hết lòng , bảo vệ họ hết lòng ,,,,,,,, xin đừng ai khuyên họ cam chịu thỏa thuận với kẻ xâm lược , điều đó sẽ dẫn đến an nguy cho nhiều dân tộc khác trong nhiều thời gian sau ......quyền đấu tranh của các đân tộc trên toàn thế giới là hoàn toàn chính đáng không cần bàn .... viva cho UK

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