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Trinity Project Group: 2022 and Beyond




TPG has been in existence for four months. It all started with the Pi Network Hackathon, while some of its offshoots were founded much before. TPG did not come out on top in the hackathon, but that was just the start. TPG did not participate in the hackathon solely to win a prize, but rather as a first step toward a larger aim.


TPG did not participate in the hackathon solely to win a prize, but rather as a first step toward a larger aim..”


Its founders, Mike Sta Ana, Lou Bonafide, and Stef Sta Ana, created a partnership and dedicated their time to constantly developing and improving their Projects. Three (3) people came together with a common goal in mind: "to assist in the development of the Pi Network Ecosystem." 


             "to assist in the development of the Pi Network Ecosystem." 


The Pi Network Ecosystem is essential for the Pi Network's inherent value to be built, boosted, and sustained. It is the utilities that are being created on top of the Pi Network that will support the Pi Value, not the consensus.


TPG has its own ecosystem that supports Pi Network. TPG is a company that has three projects:


Pi Org - built as a business establishments locator. Pioneers are able to locate those stores or business establishments around the world that use Pi as medium of exchange.


PiTalk - a social media platform. PiTalk is a game changer when it comes to social media. TPG Credits are given to the user as a reward. TPG Credits will be earned for simply logging in or reacting to a post. 


ExpressPi - a cryptocurrency e-commerce marketplace with more than 39,000 registered users. Pioneers will be able to use Pi to purchase products and while browsing the site, users will be able to earn TPG Credits.


TPG entered BETA RELEASE on December 25, 2021, and successfully launched its ExpressPi platform on the same day.


PiOrg, PiTalk and ExpressPi are now working in the Beta phase. The projects have now been started, but only to a limited extent.


The number of ExpressPi merchants and goods is limited for the time being. TPG Credits can now be used to purchase goods. This is to test the platform's functionality, hunt for bugs, enhance processes, and do other things that are required for platform development. Now that the Pi Network is in eclosed network, processes to accept Pi is now in the works.


PiTalk for now works as a forum to support Pioneers about Pi Network for the meantime. Whilst the upgrade or development is working in the background.


PiOrg is continuously improving and growing, with the listing of more and more establishments that will accept Pi and TPG Credits.


TPG Credit is a reward point earned by doing activities inside PiOrg, PiTalk and ExpressPi. It is free to earn, non-transferable and non-convertible to fiat and other cryptocurrencies. It can only be used in the TPG Ecosystem most especially in ExpressPi e-commerce platform. 


What else to expect? 

TPG and its subsidiaries will continue to evolve in order to assist Pi Network in maintaining its intrinsic value in the future. TPG and its subsidiaries will improve every day in order to serve the Pioneers with a hassle-free service. Its mission is to expand Trinity Project Group's coverage reaching different platforms regardless of their scale. Trinity Project Group's utilities aims to boost business' services through leveraging the power of blockchain technology to improve their processes and better engage with their customers. The vision of Trinity Project Group is become the leading provider of blockchain services for businesses around the world.


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3maybe you don't know how proud I am to be part of the big family of TPG, especially Indonesia, and we hope that in the future this TPG will be one of the efforts to improve the standard of living

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All pioneers in the world, especially the Indonesian pioneer, aminyarobalamine , cool Gary, very inspiring 

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