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Found 18 results

  1. PI - “People’s Initiative” Movement. Where the value and success depend solely on people's initiative to support the project. Pi is a “people’s initiative” working together to achieve a common goal. “People’s Initiative” is a socially-oriented cryptocurrency project that is meant to give billions of people across the world their fair share of the global economy. Pi is a People’s Initiative to bring hope and prosperity to everyday people. Pi is everyday people working together to bring Pi to success. “People’s Initiative with a common goal. We rise when we lift each other.
  2. Everyone!!! PiOrg Official Beta launching is on March 25, 2022. PiOrg wil accept Pi, TPG Token, TPG Credits, Bitcoin, Etherium, XLM, and many more as payment for PiOrg WebApp. More information to come. Stay tuned! PiOrg Launch Date(1).mp4
  3. Pi Network is now live and is on the enclosed network. At this point, it is allowed to do peer-to-peer and peer-to-app transfers within the enclosed network. We want to hear from the community, what would be the FAIR VALUE of Pi that is agreeable between business provider and buyer. Please vote for Fair Value that is a win-win for business providers and buyers. Kindly provide a brief explanation of your chosen value. We appreciate your honest and fair assessment. Thank you. pexels-mikhail-nilov-7989473.mp4
  4. We always ask opinion of Pioneers the value of Pi. It turns out that the majority of Pioneers believes that the value should be high, 100 to 1000USD. We cannot blame those Pioneers for believing so and we respect their opinion, as we really do not know what would really be its initial value. This time, we would like to ask those PIONEERS WHO INTENDS TO SET UP A BUSINESS AND ACCEPTS PI as a payment. What is the fair value of Pi in business standpoint and why? Kindly defend your answer. Thank you.
  5. Trinity Project Group came up with the idea of a 314 USD consensus value as the numbers signify our intangibles; growth, expansion, optimism, creativity, progress, motivation, initiative, leadership, focus, determination and hardwork. The Trinity Project Group is always looking and thinking forward to using its creativity to be optimistic despite numerous challenges. Those challenges are the key to motivate us through initiative and good leadership. Overcoming those challenges will result in achieving its goal and will progress as an organization. All of our achievements and success are from our focus, determination and hardwork. We do this to help Pi Network to succeed. “The success of Pi Network is our success” - @Bonafide
  6. Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – Menjelang finalisasi Digital Futures Exchange (DFX) sebagai bursa aset kripto resmi di Indonesia, Badan Pengawas Perdagangan Berjangka Komoditi (Bappebti) Kementerian Perdagangan tengah menyusun sejumlah kebijakan. Kepala Bappebti Indrasari Wisnu Wardhana mengatakan bahwa saat ini Bappebti telah menyusun sejumlah kebijakan terkait Perdagangan Fisik Aset Kripto di Indonesia. Adapun, kebijakan yang telah disusun di antaranya pembentukan ekosistem Kelembagaan Pasar Fisik Aset Kripto yaitu Bursa Aset Kripto, Lembaga Kliring dan Pengelola Tempat Penyimpanan Aset Kripto. Kemudian, melakukan penetapan jenis aset kripto baru yang dapat diperdagangkan. Bappebti juga melakukan penambahan pedagang fisik aset kripto yang baru, bekerjasama dengan Kementerian dan/atau Lembaga terkait dalam rangka pembentukan Komite Aset Kripto, dan melakukan rencana kajian perkembangan bisnis Aset Kripto. “Untuk saat ini, PT DFX sendiri sedang dalam proses finalisasi, dan apabila semua telah terpenuhi, Bappebti akan mengeluarkan persetujuan sebagai Bursa Aset Kripto,” jelasnya kepada Bisnis, Selasa (21/12/2021). Berdasarkan data Bappebti terakhir, jumlah investor aset kripto bahkan telah mencapai 9,5 juta investor hingga Oktober 2021. Nilai transaksi juga diperkirakan mencapai Rp370,4 triliun hanya pada periode Januari—Mei tahun ini. Baca Juga : Ambisi Telkom TLKM Masuk Bisnis Kripto Berpotensi Gagal Terwujud? Hingga saat ini terdapat 13 pedagang aset kripto dan 229 aset kripto yang dapat diperdagangkan secara legal di Indonesia. Adapun, realisasi DFX menjadi semakin menarik lantaran Indonesia menjadi negara pertama di dunia yang akan meregulasi bursa khusus untuk aset kripto.Artikel ini telah tayang di Bisnis.com dengan judul "Bappebti Finalisasi Bursa Kripto DFX, Pertama di Dunia", Klik selengkapnya di sini: https://market.bisnis.com/read/20211221/94/1480083/bappebti-finalisasi-bursa-kripto-dfx-pertama-di-dunia?utm_source=Desktop&utm_medium=Artikel&utm_campaign=BacaJuga_1.Author: Mutiara NabilaEditor : HafiyyanDownload aplikasi Bisnis.com terbaru untuk akses lebih cepat dan nyaman di sini:Android: http://bit.ly/AppsBisniscomPSiOS: http://bit.ly/AppsBisniscomIOS
  7. In short, a consensus algorithm is a mechanism used by computers and blockchain systems to approve the addition of new data in it see the illustration crypto fans If likened to a ledger, then the blockchain is sheets of transactions that are stacked on top of each other. Well, one transaction (block) will be related to other transactions so as to form a chain of transactions. This ledger is accessible and visible to all, but very difficult to edit. Blockchain users cannot edit existing transactions, but they can add a new block of transactions. However, the new transaction block can only be added if the consensus algorithm approves the addition of the transaction. So, why is this mechanism needed in a blockchain system? Well, as we know, there is no single authority that oversees the activities in the crypto world. The entire system is made in a decentralized manner so that decision making, verification, and authentication on the blockchain must involve all users in it. However, involving hundreds of thousands, even millions of users, also requires an efficient, fair, reliable and secure system so that all parties involved can have a "voice". Well, that's why a consensus algorithm is needed in a blockchain system. In addition, the consensus algorithm is also the single source of truth regarding whether a transaction made by a user is a real transaction. This is to prevent users from recording transactions twice, or often called double spending.
  8. or IDO, is a kind of decentralized crowdfunding platform which is a new way of raising funds in the crypto industry. Usually this fundraiser is done for tokens that represent all types of assets hosted on a decentralized exchange (DEX). IDOs are often performed when a project launches a coin or token via a decentralized liquidity exchange. This strategy is a type of crypto asset exchange that relies on a liquidity pool where traders can exchange tokens, including crypto assets and stablecoins. For example, USDT/ETH is a liquidity pair. This strategy is one of the crypto fundraising efforts. This method is almost the same as initial coin offering (ICO), security token offering (STO) and initial exchange offering (IEO). Initial dex offerings (IDOs) are an excellent choice for new projects and startups looking to launch tokens and want to raise funds in a faster timeframe. In addition, IDO offers better and immediate liquidity at every price level due to the mechanism that this strategy has
  9. is a means in cryptocurrency services to raise funds through offering new types of coins. Investors who are interested in this coin will make offers, either with other cryptocurrencies or with real money. Next, the investor will receive a new token specifically for ICO which contains a number of coins after the investor submits the payment funds. The payment funds that have been received by this cryptocurrency company will then be used to launch new digital currency products. The profit that investors get comes from the increase in the price of the crypto currency after the new coin is released to the public. Unfortunately the risk of buying ICO coins is very high. Because it is possible that the coins that have been released do not sell well in the market or the company that released the coins goes bankrupt.
  10. As the Main Net is few days away, can we have a discussion on what would be the initial value of Pi?
  11. Now that the main net is here. Are you comfortable locking up your Pi? Please vote fellow Pioneers
  12. Just a little bit of #pitalk To all Pioneers. Can you live without Pi? Or Pi is something that will become part of our daily lives that you couldn’t live without? Let me know your thoughts.
  13. Building the Pi Network Value: Pi Network is known to be the cryptocurrency for everyday people. Marketed through a free distribution through mobile mining. After more than 2 years of development, launching in the Main Network is coming within a few weeks or days from now. Many Pioneers are hopeful that the value of Pi will be high. Some Pioneers even created a consensus value of 100 USD, 300 USD and so on. The truth is, the value of Pi is difficult to predict. It could start at low and will get high or might start high and may get even higher, what would be the number? We really don’t know. Here comes the marketplace, where the birthing place of Pi Network takes place. We go back to Pi consensus value, they say, 100 USD should be the standard. The question is, are the vendors willing to accept 100 USD for 1 Pi? There would be some that might accept, some may not. What would sustain the value if for instance 100 USD is equivalent to 1 Pi? Products? Consensus? Exchange? Utilities. While some are fixated on the consensus value of Pi, there are a handful of individuals that are aware of smart contract capability of Pi Network. Pi Network launched the hackathon last August, the intent is to build projects on top of Pi Network. Projects vary in intent, there are e-commerce, games, travel related and more categories. These projects will build the ecosystem for Pi Network, it will not be just an e-commerce but a lot of categories to choose from as long as they accept the Pi as a medium of exchange. All of those projects can be built on Pi Network. Trinity Project Group is one of the companies that supports Pi Network Ecosystem. Through its projects like PiTalk, PiOrg and ExpressPi. These projects are utilizing the Pi Network thus adding value to Pi. Value of Pi must be backed by strong utility to sustain its value. Not consensus.
  14. Are you ready to leave the fiat behind? The Pi Network main net is almost here, are you excited? What is the level of your excitement? Let us know. #PiTalk #PiNetwork #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #Decentralization
  15. Australian computer scientist Craig Wright implied in a 2016 blog post that he was Satoshi Nakamoto Miami jury rules in favor of Craig Wright, who claimed to invent bitcoin https://cnb.cx/3GeOFVg
  16. Blockchain is a digital data storage system containing records that are linked via cryptography. Blockchain technology has now been used by various sectors, one of which is for crypto currency transactions such as Bitcoin. A blockchain system can be said to resemble a digital transaction record consisting of multiple servers. Thanks to this technology, transactions become much easier because you no longer need the presence of an intermediary.
  17. A smart contract is an agreement between two people in the form of computer code. Smart contracts run on a blockchain network, so they are stored in a public database and cannot be changed. ... Transactions only occur when the conditions in the agreement are met.
  18. PoS pays the richest people on the network more to stay in control of which transactions are allowed in each block. PoS is like the economic system we have today. In PoS you only risk once and get something forever, no work. We know from the fact that you can't get something out of nothing. In PoW (Proof of Work), workers do not take any risks. In principle they convert energy into Crypto because Crypto has a usability value. The work of validating block by block is invaluable.
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