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Found 3 results

  1. As the Main Net is few days away, can we have a discussion on what would be the initial value of Pi?
  2. until
    SADARLAAAAH.....!!!! Bahwa penting juga menyiapkan diri sejak dini, untuk membekali diri dengan mengedukasi diri tentang FUNDAMENTAL Projek Pi Network Semua akan anda dapatkan di acara NGOPI & NGAMAR yang hanya kami laksanakan di group telegram Official TPG Indonesia : https://t.me/Official_TPG_Indonesia Kegiatan NGOPI & NGAMAR ini dilaksanakan oleh TRPI ( Tim Relawan Pioner Indonesia_ ) bekerjasama dengan berbagai pihak dan kalangan yang dipersembahkan hanya kepada PIONER INDONESIA YANG BUDIMAN
  3. Building the Pi Network Value: Pi Network is known to be the cryptocurrency for everyday people. Marketed through a free distribution through mobile mining. After more than 2 years of development, launching in the Main Network is coming within a few weeks or days from now. Many Pioneers are hopeful that the value of Pi will be high. Some Pioneers even created a consensus value of 100 USD, 300 USD and so on. The truth is, the value of Pi is difficult to predict. It could start at low and will get high or might start high and may get even higher, what would be the number? We really don’t know. Here comes the marketplace, where the birthing place of Pi Network takes place. We go back to Pi consensus value, they say, 100 USD should be the standard. The question is, are the vendors willing to accept 100 USD for 1 Pi? There would be some that might accept, some may not. What would sustain the value if for instance 100 USD is equivalent to 1 Pi? Products? Consensus? Exchange? Utilities. While some are fixated on the consensus value of Pi, there are a handful of individuals that are aware of smart contract capability of Pi Network. Pi Network launched the hackathon last August, the intent is to build projects on top of Pi Network. Projects vary in intent, there are e-commerce, games, travel related and more categories. These projects will build the ecosystem for Pi Network, it will not be just an e-commerce but a lot of categories to choose from as long as they accept the Pi as a medium of exchange. All of those projects can be built on Pi Network. Trinity Project Group is one of the companies that supports Pi Network Ecosystem. Through its projects like PiTalk, PiOrg and ExpressPi. These projects are utilizing the Pi Network thus adding value to Pi. Value of Pi must be backed by strong utility to sustain its value. Not consensus.
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