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About Me

Found 11 results

  1. PI - “People’s Initiative” Movement. Where the value and success depend solely on people's initiative to support the project. Pi is a “people’s initiative” working together to achieve a common goal. “People’s Initiative” is a socially-oriented cryptocurrency project that is meant to give billions of people across the world their fair share of the global economy. Pi is a People’s Initiative to bring hope and prosperity to everyday people. Pi is everyday people working together to bring Pi to success. “People’s Initiative with a common goal. We rise when we lift each other.
  2. Everyone!!! PiOrg Official Beta launching is on March 25, 2022. PiOrg wil accept Pi, TPG Token, TPG Credits, Bitcoin, Etherium, XLM, and many more as payment for PiOrg WebApp. More information to come. Stay tuned! PiOrg Launch Date(1).mp4
  3. Pi Network is now live and is on the enclosed network. At this point, it is allowed to do peer-to-peer and peer-to-app transfers within the enclosed network. We want to hear from the community, what would be the FAIR VALUE of Pi that is agreeable between business provider and buyer. Please vote for Fair Value that is a win-win for business providers and buyers. Kindly provide a brief explanation of your chosen value. We appreciate your honest and fair assessment. Thank you. pexels-mikhail-nilov-7989473.mp4
  4. We always ask opinion of Pioneers the value of Pi. It turns out that the majority of Pioneers believes that the value should be high, 100 to 1000USD. We cannot blame those Pioneers for believing so and we respect their opinion, as we really do not know what would really be its initial value. This time, we would like to ask those PIONEERS WHO INTENDS TO SET UP A BUSINESS AND ACCEPTS PI as a payment. What is the fair value of Pi in business standpoint and why? Kindly defend your answer. Thank you.
  5. Consensus value is the agreement of people for Pi price that we'll be use to purchasing goods and services. Exchange value is the market price for exchanges like Binance and Kucoin. For me i prefer the consensus value because we can use it to pay for our everyday needs(foods, clothing and maybe soon for shelter). Hope it helps, Pioneers
  6. until
    SADARLAAAAH.....!!!! Bahwa penting juga menyiapkan diri sejak dini, untuk membekali diri dengan mengedukasi diri tentang FUNDAMENTAL Projek Pi Network Semua akan anda dapatkan di acara NGOPI & NGAMAR yang hanya kami laksanakan di group telegram Official TPG Indonesia : https://t.me/Official_TPG_Indonesia Kegiatan NGOPI & NGAMAR ini dilaksanakan oleh TRPI ( Tim Relawan Pioner Indonesia_ ) bekerjasama dengan berbagai pihak dan kalangan yang dipersembahkan hanya kepada PIONER INDONESIA YANG BUDIMAN
  7. Ruang Diskusi Dan Edukasi Pioneer Indonesia
  8. As the Main Net is few days away, can we have a discussion on what would be the initial value of Pi?
  9. We can't deny that NFT has skyrocketed especially in games industry. Will there going to be a crypto games that is under Pi blockchain? I hope someone will answer this
  10. We will be discussing one of TPG subsidiaries - PiOrg and its partner Pi Manila Marketplace. Our featured guests Mr Mike Sta Ana - TPG CEO Mr Bernardo Andico and co. - Pi Manila Marketplace
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